“Photography doesn’t mean to click the camera and see the photo. Photography is an art and creation. Whatever our eyes see is the composition, It’s of natural landscapes or view of glamour photography. It depends upon the status of the mind whichever and however we exposed in our eyes, the circulation on every nerve should flow the exposition and the captured frame. The final output we see is the best. That must be our positive thinking either of the worst result and how we gain our satisfaction.”

Mind and versatility always strike for the beginning of creativity. I (Kamal Shrestha) devoted myself to the field of photography, initially, I took it as a hobby and that hobby paid me a lot, but not enough. I am still learning and updating myself as per new technologies and in the progress of becoming an experienced professional in this trade.

The long journey till now seems quite interesting and struggling. Since my childhood, I used to wonder with each photo. Even after school, I worked at a medical store. On the way of working in different categories, I worked as an electrician & plumber too. Interest, devotion & eagerness to learn about photography I started basic training in photojournalism and studio photography in 1995. After then I started to shoot for ceremonies and functional photos with My Olympus camera. Since then, I had covered many more major live events in Nepal. After photographing individuals and families, functions, and live events for about 4years decided to be more professional. So Started to run a photo studio named ‘Flash Studio’, currently known as Fox Media Pvt. Ltd.

I had involved myself in many national magazines and daily papers too, where You can verify the best outputs with many cover photos in different ways. I had worked with CHANNEL NEPAL Television for a year in 2001. I had cinematographed a typical gurung movie “Hyulai Maya” under The Parampara Film Production, Pokhara in 2002. I had worked as a Camera Person for Sharp Vision – a video production house in 2002- 03, Promoters Nepal (Advertising Agency), World Vision (Advertising Agency), and Digital FX Studio. Beside My various involvements with different media companies, I was also a unit member of Nepal Television’s musical program “Music Plus”.

Nowadays, I am in Dubai, UAE, and Enjoying Product, Fashion, and  Lifestyle Photography.  


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